TV Summer Promotions: Airings See Slight Uptick, But Media Value Soars

So far this summer, broadcast and cable TV networks have aired slightly more national and regional program tune-in advertising versus the same period a year ago, according to

This year, there were a total of 444,277 national/regional airings of TV network promotions yielding 77.4 billion impressions for the period of May 20 through June 20.

A year ago, over the same time period, there were 440,492 airings totaling 75.5 billion impressions.

This year, estimates the total media value of those promotions on a network’s airwaves and elsewhere for the period at $113.2 million. That's versus $71 million in media value for those promotions a year ago.

To date, ABC has aired 112 promos totaling 8,506 airings, with CBS at 132 spots, (3,280); NBC with 110 spots (9,022); and Fox at 101 spots (9,920).

The biggest broadcast network shows are Fox’s returning “MasterChef” (1,678 airings). The highest new show promos are NBC’s “Songland” (1,188 airings); Fox’s “Spin The Wheel” (1,106); and ABC’s “Grand Hotel” (991 airings).



The most active cable networks are Disney Channel with 69 spots airing 10,354 times; Investigation Discovery, 39 spots (9,161) and HGTV, 27 spots (13,364),

The biggest adult cable shows are Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone” (1,624 airings), Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” (7,081) and National Geographic's "The Hot Zone” (1,871).

For kids' cable fare, Disney Channel has aired 644 airings of new show "T.O.T.S." and 652 airings for "Gigantosaurus."

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