Google Creates Personalized Plan For Small Businesses

Google on Thursday announced Google for Small Business, a Grow with Google initiative to help companies find the right tools and services to reach business goals.

On this new website, marketers will find personalized plans, in-person workshops, and the latest news.

The personalized plan provides a detailed road map for small businesses. By submitting the name of the business, answering a few questions about it, and selecting a goal, Google will respond with step-by-step recommendations specific to Google products.

Today, on International Small Business Day, Google also launched in-person workshops to get hands-on help, and the latest news to stay focused on tools and services.  

Google's Search and Advertising tools helped create $335 billion in economic activity for millions of businesses, website publishers, and nonprofits across the United States in 2018, according to internal data.



Small businesses make a big impact on communities. They create jobs and many make customers feel like family.

In a video posted to YouTube that explains how people have started businesses from scratch, Google highlights some of the companies it has helped throughout the world, which begins with a women explaining how she handed in her laptop and phone. “I officially quit,” she said.

The video highlights the frustration as well as the self-satisfaction people get from becoming an entrepreneur. It also highlights ways to thank customers and employees for their hard work, how to franchise, and how to work to build a family and come up with business ideas that give back to the community.

For Google, International Small Business Day is a big deal. The founders built the company on small businesses.

“For my team, we’re also celebrating by making it easier for small business owners to find the solutions they need,” wrote Kim Spalding, global product director of Small Business Ads at Google.

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