IAB Lab Launches Data 'Nutrition' Labeling Program

The IAB Technology Laboratory has completed the initial version of its data transparency standard and has officially launched its Data Transparency Standard Compliance Program.

The goal of the program is for digital research providers to publish simple, easy-to-read disclosures designed to look and function like the food industry’s nutrition labels (see graphic below).

The standard asks data providers to provide detailed information about their segment quality, addressing things such as segment recency, provenance and segmentation criteria.

“Companies that agree to be part of the program will go through an annual business audit to confirm that the information provided within the labeling is reliable, that the organization has the necessary systems, processes, and personnel in place to sustain consistent label completion at scale, and that a label can be produced for all in-market segments available,” the IAB tech lab said in a statement announcing the launch.

Companies that helped develop the standards include 3W.relevanC, Dstillery, Epsilon, Hearst Magazines, LiveRamp, Meredith, Neustar, Oracle Data Cloud, and Pandora.

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