Candidate Williamson Sends Email Asking For Support For Rival

In another twist in the 2020 Presidential race, Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson has taken the unusual step of asking or support — for a rival.

An email sent on Sunday by the Williamson campaign asked donors to support Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska, who needs 10,000 more donors to qualify for the next round of debates this month, The Hill writes. 

"You may not have heard of him because he hasn’t yet qualified for any debates," it says. “But his voice is important.” 

She adds: “Thanks to you, I’m on the debate stage. And that’s why today I’m using this platform, granted to me by you, to ask for your help,” 

Self-help author Williamson attracted notice during the first round of debates when she said President Trump could be defeated with “love.” 



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