Research: 'Stranger Things' Driving New, Return Subscribers For Netflix

Following Netflix's boast this week that "Stranger Things" Season 3 had pulled 40.7 million viewers in its first four days -- a record for Netflix for that period -- a new survey by Wall Street financial services firm Cowen & Co. indicates that the show is drawing significant numbers of new subscribers for the SVOD, as well as driving former subscribers to return.

Fully half (51%) of current Netflix users surveyed said they planned to watch the new season of the sci-fi show set in the '80s, reports Variety.

In addition, 5% of consumers who aren't subscribers said that they planned to subscribe in order to watch the show, and 13% of former subscribers said they planned to sign up again to watch it.



Cowen surveyed 2,500 U.S. consumers (nature of the sample universe not described) between June 26 and July 3.

While intentions as expressed in a survey can prove inaccurate, Variety points out that Parrot Analytics found that during its first four days (July 4-7), "Stranger Things 3" registered 3.2 times the "demand expressions" of HBO's "Game of Thrones" (which ended in May) and eight times Netflix's next-most-popular original show, "Black Mirror."

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