Most Consumers Don't Know Which Brands Have Data On Them: Study

People are in the dark about privacy, despite all the furor about GDPR, according to a new study by Acquia.

Of over 1,000 consumers surveyed, 65% have no idea how brands are using their data. And 65% don’t know which firms are using their information. 

However, 49% are comfortable sharing personal details with brands that have a physical store. But it takes them awhile to feel comfortable enough to do so — 59% will wait at least a month before providing data. And 65% will drop a brand that is dishonest about how it is using their data. 

“Brands have a responsibility to educate consumers about data usage, proving that they can trust the Internet again,” concludes Tom Wentworth, SVP, product marketing, Acquia.

The research “indicates the beginning of a new paradigm where businesses need to find personalized ways to engage consumers without going too far,” Wentworth adds.

Wentworth continues: “Allowing consumers to opt in or out of data sharing will become more common over time as brands recognize that giving consumers back control of their data is not only the right thing to do, but it will also benefit their business in the end.”

The company notes that proposed legislation requiring tech giants to disclose the value of user data reinforces the need for transparency.



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