Most-Searched Used Cars: Heavy On The Chevy

Three Chevrolet models and two Ford ones are featured on Autotrader’s “10 Hottest Used Cars for Summer 2019” list:  Chevrolet Corvette (2014-2019), Silverado (2014-2018) and Tahoe (2015-2019); and Ford F-Series and Mustang (both 2015-2019).

The list tracks the most-searched used cars, trucks and SUVs on Autotrader’s website from Jan. 1 to July 8, according to search volume. It doesn’t rank them numerically but lists them in alphabetical order.

The rest of the list features GMC Sierra (2014-2019), Honda Accord (2018-2019), Jeep Wrangler (2012-2017), Ram 1500 (2014-2018)  and Toyota Tacoma (2016-2019).

The slump in new car business is partly due to sticker shock, as reported by the The New York Times. So “more people will be looking for [the] used and certified pre-owned option,”  Brian Moody, executive editor of Autotrader, told Marketing Daily.



For example, the Chevy Tahoe “used to be somewhat affordable but now it’s more expensive,” making “a used or CPO Tahoe an attractive deal.”

Moody notes that this year’s list of top used cars “is the most diverse that we’ve had in a long time” — not unusual with all the new car models coming. “This is how people shop," he notes. "They look at the current or older model year to see if they can get a deal on it, or see if they like it better than the model year coming.”

And with sedan sales trending down, it’s “important” that there’s still a sedan on the list -- the Honda Accord — notes Moody. “Sedans are still popular, just not as historically popular as they have been in the U.S.”  

Edmunds forecast "flat used-car and used-truck sales" for this year, "potentially ending a five-year streak of gains since the market tallied 35.7 million transactions in 2013," according to Automotive News.

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  1. R MARK REASBECK from www.USAonly.US , August 5, 2019 at 9:47 p.m.

    sedans are trending down because of what is considered a "sedan".  The micro sized
    Yaris, Versa Note, Chevy Spark, Ford Fiesta, Mirage, Honda Fit, are classified as a sedan.
    They are 4 door sardine cans, hardly a sedan you can "fit" a family.

    People are getting wise to the over-priced , sad excuses for vehicles that are being producred.  Will they be shocked when they invest billions in Auto-tonomous cars and NO ONE wants them.  Trucks are una-Ford-able and is driveing the Super duty prices for 20 year old trucks bringing 20-30 grand

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