New Fashion Magazine 'Page' Touts Fashion Designers, Sustainability

A new fashion publication called Page hopes to focus on sustainability in the industry. It will also produce an order-to print magazine.

“Supply each demand as we avoid overproducing copies, and produce only what has been requested. Each print, therefore, can mean that much more to our readers,” reads the About page on the Pagewebsite.

The New York City-based magazine, created by a small media company called Reverie, wants to highlight “the development and success of current and emerging fashion designers,” as well as cover pop culture.



Page magazine will be the first truly sustainable fashion magazine. Our print issues will be made to order,” stated Cassell A. Ferere, editor-in-chief.

He added: “We want to provide insight into fashion that is palatable for any fashion enthusiast who wants a grounded outlook on fashion.”

The magazine’s content will also live on its website. Articles range from a story on rapper Future selling clothes on Grailed, a site that sells men's streetwear and designer pieces, to a round-up of brands working toward sustainable fashion with new technology and strategies.

The biannual magazine's price per issue will range from $19 to $30, depending on the issue.

Joseph Benjamin serves as publicist and creative director of Page. The company is also hiring an editor.

Benjamin told Publishers Daily the company is working on "an extensive digital campaign" to grow online visibility and brand exposure.

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