Xandr Strikes Addressable Measurement Deal With Comscore

Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising and analytics company, has struck a deal with media-measurement company Comscore for all of Xandr’s addressable business.

Comscore has had a deal with AT&T’s DirecTV for five years. Now it expands this effort to include inventory from AlticeUSA and Frontier Communications.

Altice USA and Frontier Communications became the first announced addressable advertising clients for Xandr in September 2018, when it launched. Xandr was formed from AT&T’s ad tech deal for buy/side platform AppNexus.

Xandr’s addressable offering comes from AT&T’s first-party consumer data, as well as set-top box data of anonymized subscriber information. New targeted consumer segments are created for advertisers to reach audiences via live programming or viewers are watching on a time-shifted basis.



Mid-day trading of Comscore's stock was down 9% to $1.78.

The company, which has seen its stock down 90% so far this year, has said it intends to look at “strategic options,” which could include a sale of some or all of its businesses, according to analysts. This announcement came after it reported wider losses for the second-quarter.

Media-measurement company competitor Nielsen has also been looking at strategic options for its businesses.

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