Microsoft Advertising Shares Search Behavior, Conversion Data

Microsoft Advertising — the fourth-largest ad brand behind Google, Facebook and Amazon — continues to look for growth in its partner search network and consumers who use PCs to purchase holiday gifts.  

Adults who begin their search by using the Microsoft Search Network typically use more than one site before making a purchase, according to Microsoft data.

Microsoft estimates people spend about 33% more on purchases after searching across its network, compared to elsewhere across the web. When searching for a retail-related gift, consumers tend to visit more than one site.

Comscore estimates consumers conducted about 568 million retail-related searches on PCs in April 2019, taking about 38% of all retail PC paid clicks. About 41 million of those retail searches are on PCs and do not occur on Google.

Thirty percent of all conversions from searches come from Microsoft’s partner network.

Searches for experiences are also up compared to the prior year. When buying for significant others, those shopping on the Microsoft Search Network are 1.92 times more likely to purchase a gift that provides an experience such as dinners, movies, or trips. They are 1.90 times more likely to purchase jewelry, and 1.79 times more likely to purchase a genealogy kit.



Most people who are shopping for their significant other search on two or more sites to find a gift, at 62%. Only 38% of this searching is done on one site.  

When searchers look for ideas when shopping for parents, they are 1.98 times more likely to browse a gift guide for inspiration, 1.53 times more likely to browse news sites when shopping, and 1.84 times more likely to purchase from gender-curated sites.

Some adults will browse news sites. Most shopping for parents, at 63%, is done on two or more sites. Only 37% is done on only one site.  

Kids' gifts are a bit different. When consumers shop for kids, Microsoft data estimates they are 1.93 times more likely to purchase a toy or video game, 1.68 times more likely to purchase a collectible, and 1.89 times more likely to explore craft sites. Most shopping for kids — 58% — is done on one site. About 42% of the time consumers use two or more sites.

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