Cable Systems Record Slightly Lower Ad VOD Impressions

The growth of advertising video-on-demand TV household impressions through cable TV systems seems to be slowing down.

Canoe Ventures, the dynamic ad-insertion VOD technology platform, says there were 6.7 billion impressions in the second quarter, down slightly from the 6.8 billion in the same period in 2018.

Through six months of the year, advertising impressions are at 13.1 billion. This is virtually the same level -- 13 billion -- as a year ago.

Canoe Ventures has a footprint of 37 million U.S. TV homes through Comcast, Cox and Charter Spectrum cable TV systems, representing about 31% of all U.S. TV homes.

Overall, 2018 grew 12% to 26.1 billion impressions from 2017. In 2017, ad impressions were up 30% to 23.3 billion ad impressions from 2016.

While total impressions were down in the second quarter of this year, Canoe said it managed more campaigns -- 3,876 -- up from 2,409 campaigns.

This year, Canoe says 92.8% of the campaigns came through direct-sales teams, while 7.2% sold through private marketplaces, 88% came from external advertisers, and 12% from TV networks' tune-in promo campaigns.

The average number of advertising “opportunities” were 1.5 for pre-roll advertising, while 3.9 were for mid-roll and 1.1 for post-roll advertising.



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