PureB2B Launches Content Platform For B2B Tech Marketers

Lead-generation firm PureB2B has added a new content tool to its portfolio. 

PureContent allows B2B technology marketers to create lead-generation content in a variety of formats, the company says. Such content can be delivered through a number of channels, including email.

The service relies on research on the 62 million technology buyers in the PureB2B network. Led by Denie Dubie, director of content, the company utilizes a journalistic approach to creating material. This entails industry-specific storytelling. 

In addition, PureB2B has launched the PureContent Sponsorship Library, a collection of B2B tech industry topics. 

The firm has found through its work with B2B technology marketing departments that "quality lead-generation content is a priority for their bottom line," states Chris Rack, CRO of PureB2B.


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