Reaching Consumers At Their Most Receptive

Pilgrim's Just Bare Chicken banks on being among the top results of searches for "fresh chicken." That's how it came to be sold on Amazon, in fact. And, said Laston Charriez, Head of Marketing, Pilgrim's, it is expanding to Amazon Go.

It has identified its core consumer as "Kate," 25 to 54 years old, head of her household, highly educated with a high income and lots of stress. One thing she lacks is time. 

Charriez said Kate is "all about having control. Amazon Fresh makes it easy for her. We are providing her with solution that make her life easier and better. If we promise her chicken that is clean and looks great, she is trusting us. It's all about trust. Amazon Fresh shoppers are unique. It's a win for us and for them."

He spoke about doing "crazy stuff" like selling $2 chicken thighs on Amazon Prime Day and 99-cent drumsticks in another venue. Why? "Because once you try our thighs, I dare you not to return."

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