Gmail Introduces AI-Driven Writing Corrections

Gmail users who have trouble with grammar will now have help from Gmail itself via a new AI-driven feature. 

“We're introducing new spelling and grammar correction capabilities for Gmail to help you compose emails quickly with confidence,” Gmail states in a Tuesday post.

It adds: “As you type your message, Gmail will use artificial intelligence to make smarter spell-check suggestions while also detecting potential grammar issues. For some common spelling mistakes, we've also added as-you-type autocorrection for improved accuracy.”

Users whose egos cannot tolerate being edited by a machine will be able to disable the feature. However, Gmail is banking on the probability that many people will appreciate this help. 

“If you're working against deadlines to write a lot of emails daily, correct spelling and grammar probably isn’t top of mind,” it writes. “These capabilities can also help you write and edit with more confidence if you’re a non-native speaker.” 

It adds that no action is required. “All suggestions and corrections take place automatically as you type,” Gmail states.

When the user makes a grammatical error, “a squiggly blue line will appear under the phrase as you write it,” Gmail states. The user can accept the correction or undo it.

The service is currently available only in English, Gmail says.


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