Apple, Samsung Smartphone Owners Plan To Stick With Those Brands

Despite all the new technology that comes along, many consumers plan to stick with the brands they have, at least in terms of smartphones.

Most owners of iPhones and Samsung phones plan to stay with those brands for their next phone, according to a new brand loyalty study.

The majority (91%) of iPhone owners and 86% of Samsung phone owners intend to buy that brand when they purchase their next phone, according to the study, comprising a survey of 2,100 U.S. adult smartphone users conducted by SellCell.

The main reasons iPhone owners would switch are that other brands offer better technology, better value for the money or they just fancy a change.

The main reasons Samsung owners intend to switch are the same.

Of iPhone owners who plan to switch, 49% say it is because other brands offer better technology and of Samsung owners who plan to switch, 29% say it is that other brands have better tech.

Motorola and LG phone owners are more likely to move to another brand, with 39% of owners of both brands saying they will be looking to change when they upgrade.

It also appears that 5G may not be a major purchase factor, at least at the moment. 

Of iPhone owners who plan to switch brands for their next phone, only 12% cited 5G as a reason. Of course, by time those phone owners upgrade, 5G may be available on Apple mobile devices.

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