Google To Give Publishers More Information When Ad Traffic Is Restricted

Google will give AdMob and AdSense publishers more information each time it restricts an ad from serving up as a result. The move is part of an update to fight invalid traffic and suspicious activity on its ad networks before ads are served.

“These defenses allow us to limit ad serving as needed to further protect our advertisers and users, while maximizing revenue opportunities for legitimate publishers,” wrote Andres Ferrate, chief advocate for ad traffic quality, in a blog post.

Most publishers will not notice any changes to their ad traffic, he wrote.

Publishers with affected AdSense and AdMob campaigns will be notified of these ad traffic restrictions directly in their Policy Center, which gives details about policy violations that have been found on sites, and site sections or pages. It also provides steps to fix issues with ad serving and request reviews after changes are made.

Google blocks more than 120 million ad requests each day through a site verification process in AdSense introduced last year. The feature allows Google to provide more direct feedback to publishers on the eligibility of their site. It also provides a way for Google to communicate issues sooner and lessen the likelihood of future violations.

Confirming the websites a publisher intends to monetize allows Google to reduce potential misuse of a publisher's ad code, such as when a bad actor tries to claim a website as their own.

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