Agency Concentric To Provide Subsidized Childcare for All Employees

Concentric Health Experience is attempting to differentiate the healthcare agency from rivals by providing subsidized childcare to all of its employees.

The aim is to make it easier for Concentric employees to focus on their career by offering more nontraditional benefits to ease the day-to-day stress and pressure of raising a family and working full time. 

"Particularly in the current employment climate, we felt this would not only attract new talent, but assist with the very difficult question parents face of finding high quality child care in New York City," says Patricia Enright, Chief Talent Officer, Concentric. 

Through a partnership with Vivvi Early Learning, Concentric's families with children ages six weeks to five years will have access to Vivvi's child care and preschool at a subsidized rate, as well as fully subsidized emergency backup care at Vivvi's flagship campus at 75 Varick St.  



This newly added perk was driven by agency leaders. With the agency’s demographic and more recent increases in employees starting families, they felt a child-care offering would be extremely attractive, as well as the backup child care option, given the hours and demands of a service business, explains Enright.

"We chose to do this because it was a pretty undeniable value that extended the offering to everyone, including those who couldn't access the full-time care for some reason," she said.

Thus far, the interest has been "strong" within the agency's target audience, says Enright. "We expect the back-up care option to be a very strong offering as it becomes more known and parents add it as a benefit."


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