SocketLabs Email Service Now Available Through SAP App Center

SocketLabs is offering its email delivery platform via the SAP App Center in cloud and on-premise deployment models.

The arrangement allows both firms to expand their product offerings.

In addition, SocketLabs will now be able to provide its technology on a “truly global scale,” states Keith Hontz, who recently joined SocketLabs as chief revenue officer after serving as global vice president at SAP America.

SocketLabs is now empowered to market and sell software applications on top of SAP Cloud Platform.

The SocketLabs service now provides these features:

  • Integration with SAP Marketing Cloud 
  • Cloud-based and on-premise platforms 
  • performance tracking 
  • Customer support

In general, the platform enables users to create, send and track high-volume email, while addressing email delivery and performance challenges, the company says.


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