Insticator Updates Analytics Platform For Publishers

Insticator has updated its analytics platform to give its clients a better view of how audiences are behaving on their sites, in an effort to support publishers’ engagement and revenue strategies.

Insticator allows online publishers to add an interactive, customizable content and ad unit on publishers’ websites relevant to a visitor's interests. It can be displayed on a website’s sidebar, or integrated as a poll or quiz. Ads also run in Insticator’s widget.

It which works with publishers like WebMD, Evolve Media and The Washington Times, is now giving publishers “greater visibility into the performance of their interactive content … to optimize content to increase ad revenue," according to the company.

Its clients now have access to analytics like advertising performance, including total ad revenue generated, CPM and impressions, content performance and embed audience engagement, including average in-view percentage and the amount of unique engaged users. 



Publishers can filter analytics by date, device type and geographic location on Insticator’s platform.

The idea is these features can help publishers increase the time spent on their sites. 

“By providing direct insights into how audiences are behaving on their sites, our publisher partners can collaborate with their editorial teams on story ideas to convert readers into longer-lasting page views,” stated Zack Dugow, CEO-founder of Insticator.

Dugow told Publishers Daily its clients were “hungry for new insights into how their audiences are engaging with content and how content is overall performing.”

These metrics can help publishers "synergize with their editorial teams on new story ideas to build more user loyalty and drive longer on-site sessions, which directly translates into increased monetization,” he said.

After working with Insticator for eight months, The Washington Times generated $130,000 in revenue and ultimately increased site engagement by 150%. 

Insticator recently expanded internationally to Canada.

This story has been updated:An earlier version listed Embed as the platform.

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