HighWire Partners With SendGrid And AdButler On Email Alerts

HighWire, a technology provider for scholarly publishers, is partnering with SendGrid and AdButler to facilitate a new email alert service.

HighWire will use SendGrid’s template features and delivery service to create and send publishers’ email alerts, HighWire says.

In addition, the firm will be able to customize its templates, using SendGrid’s analytics.

AdButler will allow publishers to present ads in their email alerts.

HighWire clients can send customized alerts based on the content that most interests readers, the firm continues. And they will be able to “look at their own open rates and click rates and establish a baseline against HighWire’s sector benchmark data,” states Nicole Nowak, senior account manager at SendGrid.

The firm cites Gardner & Inger research showing that two out of three of the most widely used methods of article discovery were email-based.

The new arrangement will allow publishers to “better understand our readers' behaviors, what they will be interested in, and make informed changes,” states Matt Zimmerman, online platform director at Springer Publishing Company.

Zimmerman adds that “email alerting is a core component of our discovery strategy and with this new functionality we have far greater control.”

HighWire hopes to increase open rates and click-throughs. In addition, “AdButler can help our publishers maximize the opportunity to serve relevant ads to their users,” statesJim Longo, vice president of product leadership & design at HighWire.

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