TV Spot Takes On Ransomware Problem

A new TV spot from PC Matic warns consumers about the risks of ransomware attacks. 

A child asks a series of questions about the problem, proclaims “I hate ransomware,” and starts beating up an inflatable punching bag.  

This is the fourth commercial released by the firm this year. The reason for the series: "Our country is at war, a cyber war," states PC Matic CEO Rob Cheng.

The spot begins with the precocious child asking, “What’s ransomware?” 

“Ransomware is a computer virus that enters through a phony email,” the narrator answers. “Hidden in the email is the ransomware that tricks you to click it.” 

The child observes that “ransomware’s a bully.”

The narrator continues: “The ransomware encrypts your most valuable files including documents, photos, and videos.”

“Wait,” the child says. “What's encrypt mean?”

“Encryption means your files are stolen, and the only way to get them back is to pay the ransom.

“Seriously? I hate ransomware.”

The narrator gives a plug to PC Matic’s whitelist technology, prompting the child to say, “Yeah! But I still hate ransomware.”

“We hate ransomware too,” the narrator concludes.

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