Mmojo Offers B2B Company Finder As Companion To Email Service

Mmojo is offering an app that allows B2B brands to find prospects for their products and services.

The new product, Company List Builder, is a companion to the Mmojo Email Finder, an app that provides access to over 100 million business contacts in the U.S., the firm says. 

Users can apply the new app to find corporate prospects from a dataset of over 200 million U.S. businesses, it adds.

The two products can be used together. Company List Builder helps users identify companies, and they can then “identify the key contacts within those companies using Email Finder,” states Hank Weghorst, founder and managing partner of Mmojo.

In addition, B2B marketers can use Mmojo’s Custom Data Service to add such intelligence as “news, buying intent, facility expansion, federal contracts, and M&A activity to develop actionable account strategies,” Weghorst continues.



Company List Builder utilizes a series of filters to provide a preview of the prospect selection.

These include such variables as geography, revenue, technologies used, HQ subsidiary, branch and employee distribution. Also provided is industry type, as determined by NAICS and SIC.

When finalized, the list or a subset can be exported as a CSV file, the company says.

“Successful marketing and sales begin with and depend on targeting the right companies,” Weghorst says.

Mmojo offers three plans for its suite: Free, Pro and Premium. 


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