Online Retailers Neglect To Send Post-Purchases Messages, UK Study Finds

Online retailers are losing out on an opportunity — at least in the UK. They leave post-purchase communications to their carrier, missing the opportunity to boost retention and loyalty, according to UK E-commerce Shipping Survey 2019, a study by parcelLab.

Only 11 of Britain's 100 largest online retailers reach out to customers during shipping. Yet direct communications can drive three out of four customers on average back to their websites during shipping and returns,” states parcelLab CEO/founder Tobias Buxhoidt.

This can significantly increase purchase rates— “by up to 90% in some cases,” Buxhoidt adds.

Buxhoidt continues that post-purchase communications also reduce customer service inquiries. The answer appears to be automated transactional emails, from welcome messages to other kinds of follow-ups, featuring new offers, content and website links.   

Buxhoidt concludes: “At a time of increasing competition where shoppers have more choice than ever before, driving retention and loyalty has never been more important for online retailers, and we've found that communicating directly with customers post-purchase holds the key.”



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