Netflix's Longest-Running Original Series To End -- Say Goodbye To 'Grace And Frankie'

So what does it say about Netflix’s “Grace & Frankie” that the series will end after seven seasons? For one, it becomes the longest-running original series on the platform.

Admittedly, Netflix isn’t that old.

Traditional TV networks have had TV scripted series running  12, 13 and 14 years -- and more. “Gunsmoke” and “Law & Order” each both went 20 years. Record holder? Fox’s “The Simpsons” is at 30 seasons — and still going.

“Grace and Frankie” is about two older women, played by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, who wind up living together after getting dumped by their husbands, who are gay and in love with each other. 

We’ll make a guess here: The show isn’t Netflix's youngest-skewing TV series. (Netflix doesn’t give us insight here.) This comes even when assuming that overall, many streaming premium TV platforms are skewing toward more younger TV viewers -- at least according to TV analysts.



Why the "G and F" longevity? We guess older audiences are loyal.

This is akin to how many traditional TV networks have average viewers well over 50, if not 60, including the still older-skewing CBS.

CBS and other networks count on those TV shows lasting a good number of years -- perhaps four or more -- to get to big profitability.

Traditionally, this meant having enough episodes so a TV show could run Monday through Friday on local TV stations in syndication and/or cable, as well as internationally. This business scenario is still the case for many shows.

But times are changing.

Netflix, still a relatively young TV service, has been found to pull a seemingly high number of its original series after two or three years, according to some reports.

Why? Again, Netflix isn't telling. We’re guessing its internal specific census data says a lot, including when viewers come and go; what specific shows new Netflix viewers are seeing; and how long they stay with returning shows. Perhaps it also has good estimates of those viewers' age and demos.

Then there is this from Cindy Holland, vice president of original series at Netflix, speaking to Deadline:

“Since its premiere in 2015, ‘Grace and Frankie’ has expertly and hilariously demystified the experience of growing older and given a voice to the fastest-growing segment [emphasis added] of our population.”

Think streaming is just for young millennials? Ha!

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    Goodby "Grace & Frankie".

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