Unprecedented, But Definitely Presidential: #YOURGUNSAFETYPRESIDENT

The leading Democratic presidential candidates' unprecedented message of unity in a public service ad created by the Giffords is the blueprint for how they should campaign on all of every key issue differentiating them from the incumbent.

While gun violence may seem like an obvious rallying point, the Democratic challengers have more in common than they do apart: health care, income inequality, education, national security, climate change, and yes, the need to reestablish the rule of law after years of a lawless President.

I know it's Pollyanish to think they can kumbaya their way through the primary process, but it truly is the thing that differentiates them from the incumbent -- and I believe, the thing that most Americans are hoping for: a return to common sense, core American values and ideals, and yes, a unified front.



If the current President's strategy has been one of division, the challengers' message should be one of unity.

Remember, united we stand, divided we fall?

So here's my suggestion. Instead of sending mixed signals -- and risk going "negative" -- why don't all of the Democratic candidates pool their media dollars and messaging to convey a unified front on all the key issues and save the debates for, well, the debates.


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