Podcasts Grow As Branding Tool

It does seem that America has become infatuated with podcasts, thanks in no small measure to efforts like "Serial" and "This American Life."

Nielsen research has shown that over half of U.S. households listen to podcasts.

Brands, of course, are getting in on the action.

Two of the latest examples are podcasts from Bank of America that debuted this week, including “That Made All The Difference,” created in partnership with The New York Times. It is hosted by Alicia Burke, senior vice president-hief of staff to Anne Finucane, the bank’s vice chair.

Burke holds interviews with guests like Ken Burns to learn about the moments that changed the course of their lives and gave them the power to make a positive impact on the world.

The company launched a second new podcast this week,The World To Come,created in partnership with podcast network Gimlet. It is hosted by journalist Tess Vigeland and explores how today’s innovations will impact tomorrow.   



The branding is visible but not hard-sell. BofA logos adorn the podcast site, and Vigeland notes the program is brought to you by the bank. An informative story about plastics and sustainability features a BofA analyst. And he adds a lot.

Who knew we were exporting a lot of our plastic waste to China for incineration or recycling -- before the country put a ban on such imports? 

Now if only they’d lower their interest rates, I might apply for one of their credit cards.


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