'New York Times En Espanol' Shuts Down, But Translation Efforts Expand

Just three years after launching its NYT en EspañolThe New York Times announced yesterday it will be closing down the standalone section.

The announcement, published on The Times’ website, read: “We launched NYT en Español as part of an experiment to reach and engage more international readers by extending our coverage to different languages.

While the Español site did attract a new audience for our journalism and consistently produced coverage we are very proud of, it did not prove financially successful.”

It regularly published around 10 original and translated New York Times stories a day in Spanish.

According to the publisher’s statement, The Times will place greater focus on “our subscription-driven core news report for a global audience,” with editors continuing to translate journalism into Spanish, among a dozen or more other languages.



The outlet also plans to invest more heavily in its expansion of translation efforts.

Despite the closure of NYT en Español, the newspaper will continue its coverage of Latin America and support its location-based staff in Medellin, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro.

The Hill notes the platform published more than 900 opinion articles and 100 additional articles.

Paulina Chavira, an editor at the platform, tweeted: “It has been a road involving a lot of learning and … we could not have been better accompanied on this journey. I continue to say that writing in Spanish is always a good business decision ... and time will prove it.”

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