Gallop's MLNP Launches 'New Language Of Love' Campaign

Cindy Gallop’s startup MakeLoveNotPorn (MLNP) is releasing a campaign called “New Language of Love" to promote MLNP's "Licktionary," a glossary consisting of new vocabulary terms designed to make it easier for people --and Adland -- to talk about sex.

The campaign was created, filmed and produced pro bono by Nicole Dorsey, an award-winning commercial and film director and executive producer Chilo Fletcher. The two women say they felt so strongly about MLNP’s mission that they proposed the idea to Gallop and offered their services for free. 

Gallop quickly embraced the concept and has been fully involved with the campaign. After working closely with Dorsey and Fletcher to bring the campaign to life, she is now using her vast network to both encourage the public as well as the advertising industry to embrace these real world terms, and to rally round the MLNP cause by providing donated airtime for the ads.



With :60 and :90 second versions the spots highlight MLNP's sex language by showing a couple using these terms during an intimate moment. Sample the work here.

"Not damning the porn industry, but rather expressing that it is a fictionalized reality that doesn’t need to reflect real world sex," explains Dorsey. "You can watch it for entertainment, to get sexy, but you can also hold onto certain values within your own sex life. And so I wanted to contribute to [Gallop’s] conversation; showcasing a consensual, loving, sweet and sexy interaction where communication is central.”

Media has such power as a learning tool, adds Dorsey. "As viewers, we can’t help but be influenced by what we see. So when intimacy and sex is defined by images of hardcore pornography, love and consent become skewed." 

Gallop launched MLNP 10 years ago with her first TED Talk to eradicate the myths the hardcore porn industry has had on consumers and related advertising images. Her mission has since transformed into a business designed to do good and make money simultaneously.


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