IBM Watson Targets Fantasy Football Enthusiasts

IBM Watson is breaking a campaign today that highlights how it helps fantasy football enthusiast make informed decisions.

Analyzing millions of articles from 50,000 data sources per day on 1,900 players across 32 teams, IBM Watson surfaces information along with traditional stats and analyst commentary to provide team owners the most complete, data-based information, said Elizabeth O'Brien, program director, IBM worldwide sports and entertainment partnership marketing.

"IBM commercial grade AI differentiates and enhances the ESPN fantasy football experience," O'Brien tells Marketing Daily. “This analysis helps ESPN fantasy football team owners manage and derive insight from an abundance of data, enabling them to make better decisions throughout the season. The toolset supports human intuition and expertise with data from a breadth of sources that are now accessible and quantifiable because of IBM AI."



To showcase the length experts go to in order to capture up-to-the-minute intel for fantasy football players, IBM is launching “ESPN Fantasy Football with IBM Watson,” a campaign from Ogilvy featuring four 15-second digital spots.

Running across ESPN properties starting today, the spots highlight the problems IBM Watson helps solve, closing with a fantasy player making strategic decisions based on IBM Watson-generated boom/bust metrics.

“Light Reading” focuses on how injuries lead to last-minute lineup decisions, featuring ESPN Fantasy Football injury analyst Stephania Bell. “Mind Map”  focuses on how fantasy research can be overwhelming and features ESPN "SportsCenter" host Mike Greenberg        

“Proud Mom” and “Fans” acknowledges how it can be hard to drop your favorite fantasy player, but with IBM Watson analyzing the hard facts, you can feel less guilty about dropping the players you love. 

IBM Watson began working with ESPN last football season.

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