Most Emmy-Nominated TV Shows Have Low Awareness Levels

Consumer awareness for big Emmy-nominated shows remains low, as a majority of those shows come from streaming and cable platforms, according to media advertising sales rep Katz Media Group.

Seven of the 15 nominated shows for outstanding drama and comedy have “never heard of” scores between 57% and 84%.

The worst performers are Amazon’s Prime Video's “Fleabag” (84%), FX's “Pose” (80%); HBO’s “Succession” (80%) and Netflix shows “Russian Doll” (74%) and “Bodyguard” (66%). Even last year's big Emmy winner -- Amazon Prime Video's “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” -- had a 43% score in the “never heard of” category.

Only two of the 15 shows nominated come from a broadcast network -- both on NBC: “This is Us” and comedy “The Good Place.” Broadcast remains the best place where viewers have either watched an Emmy-nominated show or have high awareness -- with a 72% awareness number, and 33% who have viewed those shows.



Five Emmy-nominated shows come from streaming services (two from Amazon and three from Netflix). Streaming platforms earned a 37% score in awareness and 8% in viewership.

Five ad-supported cable shows are Emmy-nominated, and three are from HBO. All cable-nominated shows have a 51% awareness score, and 11% viewership.

The best show in terms of awareness is HBO's “Game of Thrones” -- 71% have “heard of, never watched".

The highest “watched” show is NBC's “This is Us”, at 41%, followed by “Game of Thrones, at 28%; “The Good Place”, 24%; Netflix's “Ozark” and  AMC's “Better Call Saul,” each with 17%; Pop's “Schitt's Creek”, 16%; and Amazon's “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” at 13%, and HBO's “Veep”, at 9%.

In terms of shows that were Emmy-nominated, when respondents were asked about their top-ten best shows of 2019, five were from broadcast networks -- NBC's “This is Us”; CBS&' “Big Bang Theory”; CBS' “NCIS” ABC's “A Million Little Things”; and CBS's Blue Bloods.”

Three were from ad-supported cable networks: AMC’s “Walking Dead,” TNT's “Animal Kingdom,” and Paramount Network's “Yellowstone.” One shows was from HBO -- “Game of Thrones” -- and one from Netflix -- “Stranger Things.”

Katz Media Group data comes from a panel of 550 adults ages 18 years and older, conducted in August 2019. Katz adds that 77% of respondents have watched a streaming service -- Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu -- in the past month.

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