Report: Premium Video Ad Campaigns That Target Audiences A Small But Growing Segment

While continuing to grow, premium video audience-targeted digital media campaigns are still a fraction of overall advertising campaigns, according to Comcast’s FreeWheel, the large digital ad server/video management business.

In the second quarter, FreeWheel says, just 7% of all U.S. ad views were “audience targeted” -- up 82% from the second quarter of 2019. At the same time, 93% of those campaigns were “content targeted,” growing 23% over the same period.

FreeWheel defines audience-targeted campaigns as using unique identifiers to deliver ads to specific devices, households or users.

Authors of the study say: “There is a continuing need for the supply side to support a bring-your-own-data approach so advertisers and agencies can activate bespoke lists. As addressability scales, the safe and efficient access to data between advertisers, programmers and distributors will remain a key consideration.”



For many ad executives, concerns over data protection, fraud, transparency and media costs  — any factors that have hampered audience-targeted media buying — still remain.

FreeWheel adds that when looking at audience segment types of digital advertising campaigns through its system, 38% were focused on age and gender demographics, with 62% classified as "behavioral" segments, those targeting advanced segments such as auto intenders, sports enthusiasts and other consumer types.

Some 81% of the time, advertisers and agencies continue to use traditional media platforms to book direct deals for premium video. This activity is up 23% versus a year ago. Programmatic/automated platforms for premium video are at a 19% share of deal-making, rising 45% compared to a year ago, FreeWheel notes.


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