MessageGears Integrates With Snowflake To Allow Cloud Data Access

Email service company MessageGears has formed an integration with Snowflake, provider of a data warehouse built for the cloud. 

The arrangement allows brands “to leverage their data where it already exists in Snowflake,” states Walter Rowland, SVP, growth at MessageGears. 

MessageGears clients can now access their Snowflake data via the MessageGears platform, whether through Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or other services, the company says.

In addition, they can they can utilize MessageGears’ content personalization, orchestration, and engagement features without fear of replication, data mapping, or synchronization,” the company claims. 

Rowland contends that Snowflake's data warehouse “removes all of the brittleness and internal barriers to rich and comprehensive data and data access” for brands committed to enterprise customer data platforms. 



Combining the two technologies also provides security and cost benefits, MessageGears says.

One client, Rakuten Rewards, has achieved “the flexibility to be able to think about what we want to do, rather than worrying about what the technology can do and then figuring out the best that we can do with the technology,” states Mark Stange-Tregear, VP, analytics, for Rakuten Rewards. 

MessageGears offers a hybrid solution for enterprise clients, combining cloud and legacy technologies. The company also serves such customers as Expedia and Chick-fil-A.


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