Honda, Reddit Partner For Racing Game

Honda and Reddit are debuting a Reddit-exclusive racing game.

Called Honda Circuit, the launch was timed to correspond with TwitchCon, an annual convention devoted to the live streaming video platform, and the culture of video game streaming

Honda announced in January it was joining forces with pro esports team Team Liquid and the streaming gaming brand Twitch, making Honda both the official automotive sponsor and official vehicle of Team Liquid.

This is the first time Reddit has partnered with an automaker to launch a game on the Reddit platform. It was created in partnership with game developer Mod Op.



Reddit users can select from three Honda Civic race vehicles (Civic Type RCivic HatchbackCivic Sedan), including a co-branded Team Liquid Civic.

With new tracks debuting each week, “Honda Circuit” will run throughout the month of October. Four Team Liquid athletes also will stream the game at peak viewership once a week for the next four weeks. 

Players' fastest times will be eligible for a 10-position leaderboard that refreshes with each track release.

The game can be accessed through promoted posts on Reddit and is a part of Honda's broader activation with Reddit. It will target Reddit's audience of gamers who consume over 1.2B page views each month. Roughly 40% of gamers on Reddit spend more than 10 hours gaming each week. 

The game was created to be simple, yet challenging enough for both casual and core gamers to enjoy, according to the automaker.

“It’s important for Honda to connect with the online gaming community on a more genuine, deeper level,” said Phil Hruska, manager of media strategy at American Honda, in a release.

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