Trade Desk Strikes Data Deal With Vizio's Inscape

The Trade Desk -- the big self-service, cloud-based platform, ad-tech platform -- has struck a deal with Vizio’s Inscape, the smart TV viewing data source.

The deal will integrate Inscape’s data directly into The Trade Desk’s cross-device advertising planning tool for digital and connected TV campaigns.

Inscape’s viewing data -- automatic content recognition (ACR) data, content and commercials -- comes from more than 12 million smart TV devices.

Nate Gawel, general manager of data partnerships for The Trade Desk, says in a release that the deal will help marketers with incremental reach, frequency, and gross rating points to improve linear and digital TV ad buys.

One of Trade Desk’s fastest-growing businesses is connected TV -- business which has grown two and half times in the second quarter.



Trade Desk, as well as other third-party and demand-side supply advertising platforms, look to benefit from a recent move by Amazon to open up its connected TV platform, Amazon Fire TV -- allowing deal-making for individual content providers, such as NBC, Discovery and ESPN.

Overall, The Trade Desk has seen strong growth -- up 42% in revenues for the second quarter to $159 million. This follows up on a 41% revenue hike in the first quarter. Net income in the second-quarter period improved 44% to $27.8 million.

The company has raised its yearly 2019 revenue estimates to at least $653 million.

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