Toms Shoes Hacked, Customers Get Email 'From A Nice Man:' Report

Retailer Toms Shoes had its email list hacked, a fact that became obvious last Sunday when customers received an email with a subject line stating, “hacked by a nice man.” 

Toms CEO Jim Alling, in an email sent on Monday, wrote that the “nice man” email had been sent by an unauthorized third party, according to Footwear News. 

However, Alling said there was no evidence credit card data had been accessed. Nor had the hacker downloaded the firm’s email distribution list, the report continues.

The questionable email said, “Hey you, don’t look at a digital screen all day, there’s a world out there that you’re missing out on.

The hacker added, “Just felt like some people needed that.”

Alling noted that “Immediate steps were taken to deactivate this account as we continued to investigate what occurred.” The company added customer support to answer questions about the hack. 



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