Fox, ABC Make Big Promo Push For New Shows

Six weeks into the 2019-2020 TV season, the biggest broadcast TV promotion efforts have been made for new shows from Fox and ABC -- with CBS taking the overall highest number of impressions.

Of the top ten shows, Fox tallied five of the highest number of individual TV series impressions totals, looking at new and returning shows:

Returning reality series “The Masked Singer” took in 1.7 million impressions and 3,072 national/regional airings and a media value of $8 million from Sept. 2 through October 13, according to

New Fox crime drama “Prodigal Son” was at 1.7 billion impressions and 4,085 airings, and $9.6 million in media value -- the top new show in terms of impressions.

Returning Fox show “9-1-1” came in at 1.3 billion impressions and 3,065 airings and $5.5 million. Another new drama, “Almost Family,” came in at 960 million impressions and 3,069 airings and $6.8 million. “Friday Night Smackdown” was at 1 billion and 2,506 airings and $1.5 million.



ABC's biggest effort for new shows included “Stumptown” with 1.6 billion impressions, 3,390 airings, $6.2 million; “Emergence” at 1.4 billion, 2,525 airings, $2.8 million; and “Mixed-ish” with 888 million impressions, 2,522 airings, $2.8 million.

NBC made a major effort around its new drama “Bluff City Law” -- at 1.5 billion with 2,586 airings, coming in at $3.3 million. “Perfect Harmony” was at 641 million impressions, 1,685 airings and $1.7 million.

Top CBS rookie series included “Evil” with 1.0 billion impressions, 727 airings, and $1.8 million, and “All Rise” at 919 million impressions, 707 airings, and $2.5 million.

Overall, CBS pulled in some 12.1 billion impressions from 7,574 airings of promotional spots, amounting to a media value of $12.1 million. Over a period of many years, CBS has regularly dominated Nielsen's prime-time total viewer measure.

ABC was next with 11.3 billion impressions, 22,013 airings, and a media value of $21.7 million, followed by Fox at 11.1 billion impressions, 26,555 airings and $41.8 million value; and NBC with 11.0 billion impressions, 18,218 airings and $10.2 million in media value.

Looking industry-wide across all TV network promotion -- with more than a month and a half of campaigns going into the new season -- there has been a slight increase in promotional impressions this year over last year. estimates there were 128.4 billion total TV promotional impressions this year for the month-and-a-half-long period versus 123 billion impressions (2018). Promotional media value was a bit less than a year ago -- at $162 million for 2019 versus $173.8 million in 2018.

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