Lotame Tackles CCPA And GDPR Compliance, Following IAB Tech Lab, Google Announcements

Ad-tech data companies like Lotame have begun to release tools aimed at helping brands conform to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and GDPR standards, following the release of a compliance framework draft by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and IAB Tech Lab.

The draft of IAB’s Framework, issued earlier this week, describes a method directed toward publishers that “sell” personal information and the technology companies they sell that information to.

Lotame, which supplies audience data, on Thursday launched Lotame Cartographer, a people-based ID solution. The technology, built to provide complete and consistent privacy-compliant data connections for brands and publishers, launches with its first client, Tribune, which publishes NY Daily News and the Chicago Tribune.

Andy Monfried, founder and CEO, Lotame, believes browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and others have taken it upon themselves to enforce who can and can't be tracked.

It’s becomes more difficult for “bad actors, which is great, but not so great for quality publishers and brands,” he stated.

Google on Wednesday said it plans to release in February 2020 a new model for Chrome 80 that it calls “secure-by-default. The cookie model, enabled by a new classification specification, will “improve privacy and security across the web.”

Microsoft and Mozilla have also indicated they will separately implement the new model in Edge and Firefox, respectively. While the Chrome changes are still a few months away, Google said it’s important that developers who manage cookies prepare by studying processes and the SameSite attribute, which is set by developers when the cookie is placed.

Companies like Lotame are taking matters into their own hands by developing new tools like Cartographer, which clusters IDs, browsers and devices at the people-level, giving global brands and publishers access to every visitor to their site, regardless of the browser, as well as through mobile app, TV and offline.

This creates a master graph by mapping the connections between people and places, similar to what Microsoft and Google did for search. Lotame’s technology specifically focuses on the connection between people and places, along with their interests to follow a thread based on consumer consent.

Cartographer plots, clusters and shares diverse data connections across more than 90 platform partners to find a brand’s or publisher’s audience. It enables IDs to connect to one another no matter the platform. Using deterministic and probabilistic techniques, clustered IDs build individual-level connections across and between desktops, smartphones, tablets, and CTV and OTT.

Since members of a household can impact purchase decisions, the technology connects IDs at the household level using TV to target multiple members of a residence.


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