Essendant Unveils Email And Personalization Tools For Resellers

Wholesale distributor Essendant has debuted two new ecommerce tools for resellers: Email Sales Pro and Personalized Marketing Zones.

The firm is offering these solutions as part of its strategic marketing suite for resellers. 

Email Sales Pro allows resellers to target customers through six campaign types:

  • Product Based
  • Cross-Sell
  • First-Time Buyer
  • Time-Lapsed Upsell,
  • Purchase Anniversary
  • Win-Back 

In addition, Email Sales Pro uses a reseller’s point-of-sale data to deliver personalized email communications based on purchasing behaviors, the company says. The goal is to avoid inundating buyer inboxes with irrelevant emails, it adds.

Personalized Marketing Zones provides resellers with an online recommendation engine. It provides targeted content and product recommendations aligned with the reseller’s products throughout the customer’s online shopping journey, based on current and historical behavior, the firm says.

The company believes that “end-buyers are more likely to purchase from a reseller that offers personalized online shopping experiences,” states 




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