Ad-Tech Company Canoe Ventures Adds Frontier Communications

Canoe Ventures, the local cable TV dynamic ad insertion company -- owned by Comcast, Charter Communications and Cox Communications  -- has struck a deal to add inventory from Frontier Communications.

The Frontier homes will be the first increase in its households base for Canoe that have not come from its owners -- Comcast, Charter, and Cox. It will add around 780,000 homes.

From this and other recent additions, Canoe nows totals 38 million households.The Frontier deal adds around 750,000 homes. Canoe now totals 38 million households.

Canoe provides video-on-demand dynamic ad insertion (DAI) on video platforms including set-top-box, IP, and mobile on over 100 national TV networks in 150 markets.

In the second quarter of this year, Canoe said the growth of advertising video-on-demand TV household impressions through cable TV systems seems to be slowing down. Its platform tallied 6.7 billion impressions, down slightly from the 6.8 billion in the same period in 2018.



Frontier broadband/video services are in 29 states. In the second quarter, Frontier’s video subscribers dropped 7% (46,000) now totaling 784,000. It also lost 2% (71,000) of its broadband subscribers, totaling 3.63 million.

Consolidated revenue for the second quarter of 2019 was $2.07 billion, with a posted net loss of $5.32 billion. Analysts say Frontier continues to make payments on its big $17 billion debt load, helping to ease bankruptcy fears.

Monday morning trading of Frontier’s stock was up 5% to $1.08 a share.

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