Mimecast CEO Blames Service Issues On Firewall Challenge

Email security firm Mimecast is trying to resolve “new and unique” service reliability issues, CEO Peter Bauer says in a video.  

“So far, what we’re seeing is it’s that it’s prompted by the way certain network traffic conditions interact with our firewalls,” Bauer says.   

Bauer adds that the company has "put mitigations in place to contain the impact, and we’ve been able to reduce disruption time to just a few minutes if the issue reoccurs.” 

The problem apparently peaked last week, with “mail flow drying up for hours,” Computer Business Review reports.

The company quickly announced that “service availability has been stabilized.” This was due to “mitigations implemented to address network/firewall issues that previously caused intermittent service disruption.”

In addition, Mimecast suffered outages in parts of the U.S. in September. At that time, the company admitted that messages were being “deferred by our MTAs for US-hosted customers.”



In his video, Bauer acknowledges “the recent service availability challenges. that have impacted many of our customers in North America.”

The company has not met its long-time reliability standard recently, he goes on. 

Bauer says “in the coming days, our team at Mimecast will be reaching out to you to see how we can help and how we can make this right for you.” 

He adds that he has been able to speak "personally with some of our customers. I’ve heard firsthand how this has impacted your organizations, and of course, your own credibility.”

Resolving the issue is “our number one priority,” Bauer says. 

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