Comcast Spotlight Rebrands As Effectv, Adds Addressable Products

Comcast Corp.’s local cable-TV based advertising division is getting a rebranding effort: Comcast Spotlight is changing its name to Effectv.

Pronounced  "e-FEC-tiv," the rebrand is intended to deliver “measurable results for its clients.”

As part of the rebranding, the unit is adding two addressable offerings.

One is called Audience Intelligence, which allows advertisers to plan to build campaigns using networks and dayparts to reach specific, niche audiences. The company says this could include, for example, in-market SUV buyers.

In addition, another product called Addressable Full Avail is a linear TV service that allows marketers to target custom audience segments at the household level, through an addressable advertising media buy.



For example, advertisers can choose up to five different creative units for a particular :30 spot purchase using Comcast viewership and third-party data to determine which ad unit should be sent to which household.

In a Comcast example, an auto advertiser could send truck copy to Comcast households where there is an intended truck-purchasing consumer. It could also send sports car creative to other Comcast households where the target is a customer looking to buy a sports car. In other homes -- not specifically identified -- a default brand copy could be sent.

Through Comcast cable systems and other affiliates, Effectv will be in 66 markets, with nearly 35 million subscribers.

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