More Consolidation At WPP

Word is that WPP is finalizing plans to merge several of its digital agencies into Wunderman Thompson, including Mirum, iStrategyLabs and Possible. 

Mirum is a digital agency network that was formed in 2015 from a number of agencies around the globe, including San Diego-based Digitaria. It was aligned with JWT (now part of Wunderman Thompson) from the start. 

Now, the network will be fully integrated into WT and eventually drop the Mirum branding. Business Insider reported the development first and WPP and WT declined to comment, a pretty good sign there’s some truth to the report. 

WPP has already taken some steps toward more closely aligning Possible with WT. Earlier this year, for example, Possible’s Seattle operation became part of Wunderman Thompson Seattle. But now, it appears the entire Possible network will join WT and like Mirum will rebrand as part of WPP’s ongoing streamlining/simplification effort. 

JWT acquired Washington, DC-based ISL in 2016. The agency also has a New York office. It, too, is expected to adopt WT branding.




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