Study: Consumers Are More Worried About Privacy Than You May Think

Consumers are unaware of GDPR and other privacy regulation -- but not blissfully so. 

On the contrary, 97% worry about protecting their data. But only 50% feel well-informed about how that information is being used by firms, according to Trust is Golden: How Brands Can Prioritize Privacy In The Age Of Data.  

On the positive side, 43% of consumers would provide detailed personal data for a discount. And 32% would share it in return for exclusive benefits or perks.

But while only 10% have heard of both GDPR and CCPA (and 70% have never heard of either of them), 91% want their state or federal government to adopt strict data protection regulations.

These rules could resemble GDPR. And they’re almost certainly coming because almost two-thirds of consumers say potential privacy laws will affect how they vote. 

Still, consumers are harder on brands than they are on the authorities -- 40% feel companies should protect them, more than those who feel that way about the federal government. 

That said, only 38% always read privacy policies. But 72% would be more likely to read them if they were shorter and 62% if they were more 

The study also found that:

- 39% believe over 20 firms have access to their data. 

- 80% believe their personal information is being sold online.

- 59% think businesses are doing a good job of handling their data, but 71% also don’t think it’s possible to have total control over their online data.

 “More data privacy regulations are inevitable in the US, so brands must prioritize and future-proof themselves by fine-tuning their strategies to abide by these standards, while continuing to bring innovative customer experiences to market,” states Jeff Lunsford, CEO of Tealium.

Tealium, a provider of data governance and management tools, surveyed 1,000 consumers.



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