YouTube Integrates Nielsen TV Data Into Google Reach Planner

In an effort to attract TV ad dollars, YouTube is integrating Nielsen TV data into its audience planning tool, Google Reach Planner.

Reach Planner was launched last April within Google Ads.

The Nielsen TV data is currently available only in the U.S., but Google plans to roll it out globally next year.

Reach Planner generates reach and performance estimates for YouTube video ad campaigns, and with the new data, brands can now also compare reach and frequency estimates for plans using various mixes of YouTube and TV.

Google — citing Nielsen stats showing that consumers’ shift to digital has resulted in 31% fewer available weekly 18-49 GRPs across broadcast and cable TV in the past five years — says the enhancement to Reach Planner will help buyers minimize gaps in reach, reports Social Media Today.

Many ad agencies are now using Reach Planner to estimate unique reach for big campaigns, and being able to do “apples to apples” comparisons of YouTube and TV for this purpose should enhance that, Kristin MacGregor, U.S. director of video for YouTube, told The Drum.

Since YouTube already uses Nielsen Total Ad Ratings in post-campaign measurement, adding Nielsen data to the planning capability serves to make YouTube consistent with big-budget TV buyers’ practices and terminology “from start to finish,” the report notes.

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