Email Armageddon: Trump And Pelosi Battle It Out In Inboxes

The start of public impeachment hearings last week intensified the raging email battle between President Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

In the 30 days that ended on Nov. 17, Trump sent 141 campaigns, pulling an inbox rate of 78% and  a read rate of 28.%, according to "Political Email—Impeachment Update Edition," a study by eDataSource. The President has an estimated email audience of 3.2 million.  

Pelosi, whose estimated audience is 16.7 million, sent 1,531 campaigns and averaged an inbox rate of 83% and read rate of 14%. Many of these messages were personalized.

Overall, each politician sent up to two to three emails per day per recipient. 

Mind you, we’re talking about, respectively, the Donald J. Trump for President campaign and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Email volume had spiked for both sides at the end of October, this because of “the usual press to maximize intake in time for Federal month-end reporting deadlines,” the study states.



But volume was also ramped up with the start of the public hearings on Nov. 13. 

The tone of the subject lines and content should belay any talk of bipartisanship. 

Trump let loose with these subject lines:


11/15—“Impeachment Hearing BS”

11/16—“This is a total SCHIFF SHOW” 

Pelosi’s subject lines were no less hyperbolic: 

11/13—“MASSIVE Setback!”

11/14—“my heart just sank”

11/15—frankly, I’m insulted

11/16—MONUMENTAL Defeat!” 

Curious about the actual emails (assuming you aren’t totally sick of the subject after watching the hearings on TV)? Here, in part, is the body copy of Trump’s “Impeachment Hearing BS” email (the boldface is ours, the typos his): 


Are you watching this FAKE IMPEACHMENT HEARING? 

It’s absolutely ridiculous. Did Adam Shifty Schiff and the rest of the Radical Democrats even read the transcript before they wen to work? If they had, they would have called OFF this WITCH HUNT TRIAL because I DID Nothing WRONG. 

Where I the DUE PROCESS?! 


I cannot sit by and let this happen. As a true American Patriot, YOU cannot it by and let this happen. 

That’s why I’m calling on my TOP SUPPORTERS, like you, to step up and make a statement so HUGE, and so EPIC, that the Democrats will LOSE THEIR MINDS.

I met with Brad to go over the fundraising umbers, and we CRUSHED our $3,000,000 goal. I realize now that $3 million isn’t enough. We need to something INCREDIBLE to end this once and for all. I’ve decided to raise the goal to $5 MILLION DOLLARS.

There are no copywriting slouches on Pelosi’s side either. Her “MASSIVE Setback!” email reads, in part: 

I’m coming to you right now because I need your help and your $1 straight away. 

The news out of the Trump campaign has me deeply concerned (name): 

FIRST: A pro-Trump super PAC announced a $4 million cash haul from a mega fundraiser last night. 

THEN: Trump PERSONALLY asked his fringe base to raise a collective $3 MILLION in just 24 hours. 

NOW: It’s clear to me President Trump is DESPERATE, and he thinks his $7 MILLON cash haul will defeat my Democrats and me – again, (name)!

Just the very thought o another loss makes my heart sink into the floor.

That’s why I’m emailing you for the second time today.

I don’t have to outraise Trump dollar-for-dollar, but I’m depending on 756 more gifts in the door before midnight to keep us on track .

Will you rush in $1 to protect and expand our Majority? 

All-nighters aside, the copywriters on both sides must be having fun.

Meanwhile, in a related matter, Democratic White House hopeful Tom Steyer has apparently diverted his attention from his Need To Impeach organization to his Presidential campaign.

The employees of the impeachment group -- some, anyway -- have moved to his presidential campaign, and he has obtained his group’s email list, which apparently has 8 million donor names, Vox reports. 

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