San Francisco Company Unveils New Optimization Product

A San Francisco company is hoping its new software will help planners track and optimize campaigns across all media.

Harmonic Communications is set to unveil its Engine For Marketing 2.0 on Sept. 30. Gina Bianchini, Harmonic's co-founder and chief marketing officer, said version 2.0 represents an almost-full update of the company's signature product and has been more than a year in development.

"It provides marketers with a tool in a more precise way where they're spending money across channels and help them optimize it . It's an incredibly valuable tool for planners at a very granular level," she said.

Harmonic said its Engine For Marketing saves planners time and money by assembling a framework to analyze all marketing channels and hundreds of campaigns.

Its three components are:

  • a data warehouse that integrates standard and customized marketing data from multiple sources;
  • software that manages hundreds of variables
  • the ability to provide in-depth statistical analysis of channel, customer segment and content combinations.



    "Planners will be able to get back that information [from marketing channels] and be able to redeploy resources in real time," Bianchini said.

    Harmonic's Engine For Marketing 2.0 helps the development of media plans in TV, radio, print, email, outdoor, wireless and online. The online components can be put together immediately; it takes between 30 and 40 days for Harmonic to organize the rest of the channels for use in the software.

    ROI can be determined by channels, customer and segment plus what each drove in revenue. Bianchini said part of Harmonic's approach is not inventing new ways of tracking media that has so far been relatively untrackable but instead measuring what can be tracked efficiently.

    Bianchini said another strength is having Harmonic's software take into account the nuances of each media.

    While Version 2.0 becomes available on Sept. 30, several clients are already on the system. Two are in Japan through Harmonic's partnership with Dentsu, and others are NetBank, Loew's Entertainment and ABC Entertainment.

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