Ahold Tests Amazon Go-Like Store

Ahold Delhaize USA is testing new frictionless store technology called Lunchbox.

Similar to the Amazon Go checkout-free stores, Lunchbox enables shoppers to scan in, shop and walk out, bypassing any cashiers.

The small-format store is being tested in Ahold’s Retail Business Services’ Quincy, Massachusetts, office.

“Our cafeteria that serves more than 1,000 associates was being remodeled, and we were looking for a quick, cost-effective solution to give associates access to beverages, snacks and fresh items at a variety of hours," stated Paul Scorza, executive vice president and chief information officer of Retail Business Services. "Thousands of shops, with groups of up to 12 in the store at the same time, have been successfully completed."

The technology for Lunchbox was created in the Retail Business Services innovation lab and uses the company’s mobile app. The system, which uses artificial intelligence, was developed with UST Global.

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