A Research Tool For Planning Campaigns From Dynamic Logic

Dynamic Logic, the research company known for its studies of online campaigns, has aggregated its research into a new product that can be used by advertisers and agencies to plan new campaigns.

MarketNorms is an online research tool that contains data from 5,025 ad units previously tested by Dynamic Logic. The company conducts tests that determine a campaign's impact on four key brand metrics: brand awareness, message association, brand favorability and purchase intent.

MarketNorms users can study the results of past campaigns and track them in a range of different categories. Users sign onto the MarketNorms Website and enter a password to get access to the data. Then they can enter a series of campaign elements--everything from product category to the age and gender of people who saw the ad to the creative technology used in the ad to find data on campaigns that relate to the ones they plan. Even the smallest detail, such as the background color or the size of the logo in an ad can be entered into a data request.



The queries produce a list of campaigns that pertain to them with the corresponding brand metric numbers. Users can learn the results of campaigns that relate to the ones they plan, or they can track their own past campaigns to determine how they worked.

"It's a compilation of data from hundreds of campaigns from advertisers in every category," says Dynamic Logic's president Nick Nyhan. "You can compare how they do in different ways to find out what works best for which type of audience."

Nyhan says Dynamic Logic's data has typically been used after a campaign has run, since it measures the results of completed campaigns. MarketNorms is the first time the company has offered aggregate data from many different campaigns that can be used to plan campaigns. "With this database, you can plan a campaign before you run it and get a sense of how it might do, set your own expectations and figure out what's worth the money. Is it worth it to get bigger units at lower frequency or simpler units at higher frequency. These are the types of things they'll be able to decide," he says.

The MarketNorms database will be updated quarterly, based on additional Dynamic Logic research.

Nyhan says Dynamic Logic has sold slices of this data in the past, but this is the first time it's available as a syndicated service. Customers can buy the MarketNorms data for a flat annual fee of $36,000, or less for limited access, Nyhan says.

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