'The Washington Post' Hires Lyndsey Layton To Lead Climate Solutions Initiative

Following the launch of its new Climate Solutions initiative, TheWashington Posthas named Lyndsey Layton deputy editor of its climate and environment team.

Part of her new role will include taking the lead on the new initiative, while also driving daily news reports.

Layton has been with WaPo since 1998, serving in a variety of roles, including "Metro" politics editor for Virginia and D.C. and as a reporter across a variety of topics. She begins her new post December 16.

The newspaper's Climate Solutions initiative arrives at a time when many outlets are investing in greater coverage and analysis of the climate crisis.

The initiative, which launched late last month, was developed as a way to focus coverage “on the individuals, companies and other organizations that are exploring ways to address our most significant environmental problems,” Martin Baron, executive editor at TheWashington Post, wrote in a letter introducing the project.



The Climate Solutions initiative features reporting alongside vivid photography, videography and graphics.

To date, coverage has included a profile of Israeli company UBQ Materials, which turns trash into a new form of plastic, an exploration into the ethics of beef consumption and a story about Copenhagen's mission to become a carbon-neutral city.

Readers can also take a quiz testing how much they know about climate change.

The initiative is supported Rolex, which WaPo notes is interested in supporting “innovators at the forefront of climate solutions.”
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