OpenX Granted Patent For Scoring Impressions, Users In Programmatic Advertising

OpenX on Wednesday will announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the company Patent No. 10,410,245 for programmatic advertising.

The abstract describes methods for creating and using a revenue value index to score impressions and users for the purpose of determining a fair price for the placement of an advertisement or to provide analytics and information to publishers for future use.

The revenue value index can evaluate data from first- or third-party publisher platforms or other data sources for the purpose of placing a value on either the ad impressions or the users engaging with the websites on which the ads are likely to serve up.

The patent highlights OpenX's vision of allowing both marketers and publishers to better determine and evaluate the value of an individual user and ensure that ads are shown at a fair price that offers value for both.

Tim Cadogan, CEO of OpenX, says this is the company's eighth patent in more than 10 years. He believes the ability to accurately value a user is critical for the publisher, advertiser and even the person viewing the ad.

Three of the 8 patents include the ability to establish a reserve price for a publisher's ad space inventory offered via a real-time bidding market, determining overall content values for content elements in a web network and for optimizing internet traffic, and a system for generating dynamic market pricing that is fair for both publishers and advertisers and the use of the pricing in real-time auctions.

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